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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department - Royal Artemis Private Hospital

Royal Artemis Private Hospital

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  • In Case of Emergency Call 8000 76925

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Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation Department

Our physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to improve movement and function with the use of specialist equipment if required. The physiotherapist works closely with the patients and encourages them to become an active participant in their treatment plan.

Services and techniques

• Orthopaedics (Post-Surgical, Mobilization, Massage – Lymphatic Massage, Sport Injuries, McKenzie Technique, Mulligan Technique, ICU Physiotherapy, Prevention)
• Respiratory Conditions (Mobilization, ICU Physiotherapy, Prevention)
• Neurological Conditions (Post-Surgical, Mobilization, PNF Technique, ICU Physiotherapy, Prevention)


• Electrotherapy
• Ultrasound
• High Intensity Laser
• Shockwave Therapy
• Tecar Therapy
• Bicycle
• Interferential and Pulsed Shortwave
• Exercise Steps
• Mat Activities
• Moist Heat Therapy Unit
• Vibration Platform
• Traction Set Cervical (wall mounting)

Medical Walk-in Process

No Appointment Needed

Patients do not have to plan out when they come in. Simply walk in and you’ll seen.

Licensed Professionals

Urgent care physicians and nurses offer high-quality care. They are licensed and recognized.

Cost Effective

The cost charged at an immediate care clinic is generally less than a cost charged at a hospital ER.

Please call 8000 76925

We will contact you within one business day.