• Dermatology


      The dermatology department offers a wide range of treatments for patients with skin problems including

    • Dentistry


      Our dentistry department can offer a variety of dental treatments by a surgeon dentist with 30 years of experience.

    • General Surgery

      General Surgery

      The department is able to perform a wide array of surgical procedures and implements a number of supportive diagnostic techniques

    • GP Services

      GP Services

      The hospital operates a 24-hour out patient service to cater for patients with a wide range of minor clinical conditions e.g. cold/flu symptoms, contusions, urinary tract infections etc.

    • Ambulance


      Ambulance services are provided all over the Cyprus 24 hours per 7 days! Royal Artemis private hospital has in possiotion 5 ambulances which can be drove anywhere in Cyprus at any time!

    • ENT – Ear-Nose-Throat

      ENT – Ear-Nose-Throat

      The E.N.T. consultant routinely collaborates with other specialists within our hospital to ensure that the best treatment options are afforded to the patients.

    • Cardiology


      The main role of our cardiology department is the medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiological conditions.

    • Gastroentrerology / Endoscopy

      Gastroentrerology / Endoscopy

      A comprehensive gastrointestinal service is provided to people living in the Paphos area by a consultant specialized in gastroenterology and hepatology. Just simply call us or walk in to book an appointment.

    • Cosmetic Surgery

      Cosmetic Surgery

      There are many cosmetic surgery procedures, all designed to help improve different areas of the body. Our most popular treatments for the body include, breast surgery, liposuction and tummy tucks.

    • Nevrology


      Our neurological departments’ primary role is the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions and disease involving the central and peripheral nervous systems.

    • Obsetricks and Gynecology

      Obsetricks and Gynecology

      The Obstetrics and Gynaecology department strives to provide the highest quality, up to date service covering the complete range of women’s health and gynaecological conditions.

    • Paediatrics


      Royal artemis private hospital provide a wide range of general and emergency paediatric services to children of all ages with a wide range of clinical conditions.

    • Pathology and general internal medicine

      Pathology and general internal medicine

      The department of internal medicine provides cross-specialty care for patients with a wide spectrum of clinical conditions

    • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department

      Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department

      Royal artemist physiotherapists are using a variety of techniques to improve movement and function with the use of specialist equipment if required.

    • Psychiatry Specialist

      Psychiatry Specialist

      The psychiatric consultant specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorders.These include various abnormalities related to mood and etc.

    • Radiology / Medical imaging

      Radiology / Medical imaging

      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses magnetic fields and pulses of radio wave energy to create 3-D images of organs and structures inside the body.

    • Urology / Genitourinary Surgery

      Urology / Genitourinary Surgery

      The Urology department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases and disorders of the male and female urinary tract system and reproductive organs.

    • Welfare Team

      Welfare Team

      We have an amazing welfare team on hand to help you with all of your insurance paperwork and guide you through the full process in a few minutes.