Royal Artemis Private Hospital

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  • In Case of Emergency Call 8000 76925

    Please remember we care about your privacy.



When you arrive at Royal Artemis Medical Centre Private Hospital you will be directed to our 24-hour reception. You will be asked the reason for your visit so that we can correctly direct you to the relevant department / Doctor. Your personal information will be taken as well as your insurance coverage details if applicable.

If your medical condition requires you to be admitted to the hospital the following will be required;
•    A form of identification i.e. Passport / ID
•    Holiday Flight confirmation (if applicable)
•    Medical insurance (if applicable)

Dedicated personnel will be available to help you to complete any necessary documentation and assist you with any questions you may have.


24 Hour Emergency
•    Cardiology
•    Clinical Laboratory / Food and Water Laboratory Services
•    Cosmetic Surgery
•    Dentistry
•    Dermatology
•    E.N.T (Ear–Nose–Throat) / Otorhinolaryngology
•    Gastroenterology / Endoscopy
•    General Practitioner / Outpatients
•    General Surgery
•    Haemodialysis
•    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
•    Neurology
•    Obstetrics and Gynecology
•    Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology
•    Paediatrics
•    Pathology / General Internal Medicine
•    Pharmacy
•    Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation
•    Psychiatry
•    Radiology / Medical Imaging
•    Urology / Genitourinary Surgery


On admission, if you are using private medical insurance we will contact your Insurance company on your behalf and send them all of the necessary documentation. We will also send them updated reports and stay in contact with them throughout your stay. Our patient Welfare Manager will work as a liaison between you and your Insurance Company, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible and that your experience with us is as hassle and stress free as possible.

If your treatment in the hospital requires you to stay after your scheduled return date, we will coordinate with your insurance company to arrange new flights and you will be able to stay in the clinic until the arranged date.

If required we are able to provide a medical escort (doctor or nurse) and medical equipment e.g. oxygen, for repatriation and transport to the airport (Paphos or Larnaca).


The Royal Artemis Medical Centre
2 Pavlou Crineou Street
8035 Paphos, Cyprus
Phone: +357 26 961 600 (6 lines), +357 26 961 300
Fax: +357 26 963 670
FREE PHONE: 8000 76925
FREE PHONE: 80000 199

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Haemodialysis Sessions: