24/7 Emergencies

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24/7 Ambulance & Emergency Call Services

24/7 Ambulance & Emergency Call Services
The Royal Artemis Hospital operates a 24-hour emergency service. We have a fleet of fully equipped and up to date emergency ambulances, staffed by trained doctors, nurses and drivers, able to meet all emergency medical requirements throughout the Paphos district.

All emergency calls will be responded to by an ambulance staffed by a doctor, at least one nurse and a driver. All admissions will be treated by the appropriate specialist consultant upon arrival to ensure that the patient receives the best treatment available.

We have multi-lingual staff able to communicate in many languages including Greek, English, Russian, German, Arabic etc.

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Book an appointment with us at your own convenient time. +357 26 961 600
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Mail Address

The Royal Artemis Hospital
2 Pavlou Crineou Street
8035 Paphos


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Ultra-modern unit designed to create a relaxed ambiance for your dialysis needs. For local and overseas visitors.


Real Life Success Stories

Patient Testimonials


by pam

I spent 3 weeks at the artemis after suffering a stroke on 3rd June. Within half an hour of arriving i was on the scan machine checking for a bleed on the brain. The care i received was outstanding throughout. From the top consultant to the cleaning lady everyone was wonderful. The facilities were top quality and the hotel was spotless. After 3 weeks i was in no rush to come home as i felt safe and well cared for. Im grateful this happened in cyprus as i doubt the care would have been as good if i had to rely on our overstretched nhs.

by pam http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

'Royal Artemis Medical Centre.....Thank you'

by davyayr

10 July 2016. 12 hours before our flight home and my 14 yr old daughter woke us up with a face that looked like she had gone 10 rounds with Frank Bruno. Tour rep suggested The Royal Artemis Medical Centre. On our arrival, she was quickly taken to a room with mum while I gave reception the basic details. 5 mins later I entered the room and she was on an antibiotic drip. To say I was worried was an understatement 5 days later we were cleared to fly home. Mum stayed with her in room for the full stay while I was given a room on the top floor of hospital. Food superb and plentiful. I don't usually do reviews but I will this time. The staff were superb. Nothing was too much trouble. Everything was explained in a way we understood. Special mention to our nurse, Angie. You're a star. If this place was a hotel, it would easily be 5* Thank you guys. You made a scary situation bearable. Not sure if allowed but worthy of a mention. Holiday insurance was through Global Response. Again 5*.

by davyayr http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

'Wonderful Hospital'

by Tennis

I would like to thank Dr Younis and his team for the excellent care and attention I received at The Royal Artemis Hospital. They are very thorough in their investigations and nothing is too much trouble. They deserve credit for their professional yet friendly attitude towards their patients. The food is superb and served by very friendly staff. I felt I was in a hotel instead of a hospital. Angie the co-ordinator does a fantastic job liaising with the insurance companies. I really enjoyed my stay at this wonderful hospital.

by Tennis http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

'Excellent care'

by Amazing team of doctors and nurses

I was taken in on the 5th day of my holiday with horrendous stomach pains. Even before lunchtime I'd had 2 ultrasounds , an x ray and been given antibiotics. I was rushed down for emergency surgery in the end after they realised I had internal bleeding thus removed my Fallopian tube that has ruptured. The after care was amazing , all the nurses and dr Theo and dr Loukas made me feel comfortable and reassured. If I ever come to cyprus again I know were to go if anyone is ever ill! They let my parents stay in my room with me aswell as feeding them aswell as me. Truly high class care, thank you

by Amazing team of doctors and nurses http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

'Excellent hospital'

by Mr Thomas

I was admitted to this hospital on the eleventh day of my holiday. Within minutes of my arrival I was diagnosed with pleurisy and given I've antibiotics. The care given is unbelievable. The doctor, Dr Yeni came to see me at least twice each day. My wife was given a room at the hospital and then when I was bake to leave ITU we were given a room together. The staff are wonderful. Nothing is too much trouble. It helps that everyone speaks some English and they have a public relations team of two ladies who liaise with your insurance company so you do not have the pressure of all the paperwork. The food was lovely all fresh produce. It's like staying in an hotel with excellent medical care.

by Mr Thomas http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

'First Class'

by xbairn

I was admitted to Intensive Care after collapsing in my hotel. The care and attention I received was excellent. Dr Maya was wonderful and was there explaining what was happening to me in every scan and X-Ray I had.

by xbairn http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre


by Janice

Absolutely brilliant hospital. All doctors and nurses are outstanding and caring beyond belief. They got me to my only daughter's wedding in a wheelchair after Angie. the Welfare Manager arranged hair, makeup and dresses. If you fall ill in Cyprus, this is where you need to be.

by Janice http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre


by Shas

If you are taken in Cyprus then this is the hospital to be in . The doctors were absolutely fantastic. Especially Doctor Yeni . So were all the nurses and staff - and a big bigthank you to Angie for all her help !

by Shas http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre


by pansypotter

I would like to thank every single one of you for the excellent care that I received during my stay ... not only the medical aspect (which was simply outstanding!) but also the emotional aspect (respect, kindness, smiles, love & support!) which meant a great deal to both my son and myself, (especially as we found ourselves in an emergency situation, overseas.) I would also like to thank the catering staff (for the wonderfully fresh and tasty food!) and the cleaning staff, (who kept the place spotless!) What more can I say - your hospital is truly exceptional by any standards. THANK YOU XXX

by pansypotter http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

'unexpected stay in hospital whilst on holiday'

by Archer Ted

Excellent care and treatment from all the medical and support staff in the hospital. All communications with insurance company done by hospital staff on my behalf. Nothing was too much trouble to make my stay as comfortable as possible.

by Archer Ted http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre



i could not fault the wonderful care i received when i fractured my sternum whilst on holiday waiting to attend my sons wedding ! dr loucas myrianthus and his team were so caring and helpful after we had to re=organise the wedding ! nothing was too much trouble for nurses and reception staff!

by OLIVE OIL http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

'Couldn't have asked for better care'

by emmrecs

My wife was admitted to this hospital, as an emergency, direct from our holiday hotel. From the outset her treatment, in both ICU and her own private room, was exemplary; if an ECG or Blood Test was needed, it was done immediately, no hanging about waiting for a "free slot" or for the requisite nurse/technician to be free. Results were also available almost instantly; no waiting 2 or 3 days to find out what, if anything, needed attention. The staff all speak English at least moderately well and many of the reception/admin staff are actually English (or Scottish) so language is very rarely a problem and nothing is too much trouble for each of them. Also, because my wife's treatment needed to continue in the hospital for nearly one full week after the official end of our stay in Cyprus, I was provided with accommodation and meals, actually sharing my wife's private room (which enjoyed its own shared balcony/outside sitting area). In summary, this hospital and its standard of care is to be fully and unreservedly recommended to anyone in need of medical assistance in Paphos.

by emmrecs http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

'1st Class Care'

by Drama Queen

Cannot thank the doctors, nurses and all staff at the hospital for looking after me when my boyfriend was suddenly taken ill and hospitalised the night before we were due to fly home. I was always kept informed of what was happening, had a bed put up for me in the room, was provided with meals and generally looked after during what was a very traumatic time for me. Heartfelt thanks for the professional manner inwhich you dealt with all aspects of my boyfriends hospital treatment and after-care.

by Drama Queen http://reviews.treatmentabroad.com/private_hospital/cyprus/royal_artemis_medical_centre

24/7 Emergency

+357 26 961 600 (6 lines)
+357 26 961 300
FREE PHONE: 8000 76925
FREE PHONE: 80000 199

24/7 Operation

We operate on a 24/7 basis with all calls and enquiries answered and processed immediately.

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The Royal Artemis Hospital
2 Pavlou Crineou Street
8035 Paphos

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At Royal Artemis Private Hospital, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible medical care in a friendly, relaxed and professional environment.