Dr Youne Younes

Few words about Dr. Younes.

Doctor Younes is an orthopedic and traumatology specialist that studied in Poland – Lodz. With a very positive and professional attitude, Dr. Younes has been working as an orthopedic since he graduated from the university in 1980.

After graduation, Dr. Younes worked in Lodz for 20 years and in 2007 joined our family at Royal Artemis Private Hospital! Being in Poland Dr. Younes has learned the language and other than Polish Dr.Younes can also speak Arabic, Greek, English, Latin, and a bit of French!


Orthopedic and Traumatology

Traumatology is a specialty both medical and surgical (orthopedic surgery). Traumatology is a specialty that encompasses both lesions of the locomotor system (congenital and acquired) from a multifactorial point of view. That is, both preventive, therapeutic (including rehabilitation), and from the field of research. It includes the musculoskeletal pathologies that affect all stages of life.

This specialty is coined by two names: Orthopedics and Traumatology. Orthopedics deals with the study and treatment of abnormalities of the locomotor system, both of congenital or infectious origin or due to sequelae after trauma. Our Service of Orthopedic Surgery, Traumatology, and Sports Medicine treats any type of condition of the musculoskeletal system.We are at the forefront in the treatment of orthopedic and traumatological injuries, with the most advanced technological support. We bet decisively on regenerative medicine, minimally invasive, arthroscopic, percutaneous, and prosthetic surgery.

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Graduated from the University of Lodz!

Lodz hospital in PolandDOCTOR

Worked as Orthopedic and traumatologist in Lodz – Poland

Royal Artemis Private HospitalDOCTOR

Working with Royal Artemis Private Hospital  as an Orthopedic and traumatologist.